RAVE: An Inside Look
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RAVE: An Inside Look

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What is Rave Music? What is this scene? Who goes to Raves and why? Now you will begin to understand... Making of a Rave • Live Interviews • Rave Footage •Unreleased Music • Interactive Menus

There is a belief that the average person can not begin to understand Raves until they can understand the music! Get ready for a sneak peak into the world of the infamous and ever so popular Rave scene.

Electronic Dance Music has changed the lives of a variety of countless people throughout the years. The openness to be yourself and to communicate through a universal language of music, are just two of the many reasons why the 'RAVE' CULTURE has been around for decades and has continued to grow and EVOLVE over the years. Some savor it, some crave it. However, many have a misconception as to what the 'scene' encompasses. It has been a controversial topic in the media for many years. Most headlines focus on the negative aspects surrounding the rave scene. However, it fails to represent why people gather in the first place; they COME TOGETHER FOR THE MUSIC. Our objective through this documentary is to illustrate, to clarify, and to anwer many of the misunderstandings of this genre of music. Our goal is that you have a better understanding of what rave music and its culture represents after viewing this dvd.

To explain this genre and to answer the question "What is rave music?," we define it as: electronically based music that has a high level of bass and progression. The music tends to be fast paced, 125-145 beats per minutes. A DJ spins vinyl and cd's; spinning is the art of mixing songs together using different pitches, different speeds, and an equalizer to create an ever-flowing, ever-changing wall of sound. Electronic Dance Music is broken up into many different genres that are constantly changing and evolving. On Saturday, October 30th 2004, in San Francisco, over 10,000 gathered at PIER 48 to celebrate Halloween weekend. The 7th Annual Electro-Techno-Disco POPSICLE Festival broke new ground as it was the first event of its kind to exercise the right to dance until 4AM. Up until this point, all 18 and up dance events had to end at 2AM.

"RAVE, An Inside Look", takes you into the depths of one of the premier Electronic Dance parties, promoted and produced by SKILLS Productions. See how a combination of a heavy six digit budget, 125,000 sq ft of warehouse space, over 10,000 SCREAMING fans, and state of the art production of the most up to date lighting, lasers and sound in the world, produced another captivating night of enchanting music and magic.

"There is love for music & friends that has been sorely overlooked by the press, literary elitists and media giants. Although they may not enjoy the experience of witnessing international DJs while packed into a warehouse with thousands of other dancing freaks - there are millions world-wide that do!" - Sarah J, San Francisco, CA.

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