Mars: The Mysteries Within (2001)
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Mars: The Mysteries Within (2001)

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Total Tracks: 18
Total Time: 79 minutes 29 seconds

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  1. Trip to Mars

  2. Carlottas Day

  3. Mull of Kintyre [DJ Quicksilver Remix]

  4. Ephorique

  5. Music (Hypnotized You)

  6. Step into the Arena [Extended Mix]

  7. Keep on Path

  8. The Sound of Nature [Lightforce Remix]

  9. Sunrise

  10. Flower Duet [Solarplexus Mixes]

  11. Theme from Futurescope [Dark Impressions Mix]

  12. It's a Fine Day [ATB Mix]

  13. Peaceful Warrior

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